Working method

The Amsterdam Production Unit doesn't follow the pack. Acts, cast, crew, locations, props etc. are never from the main stream range, therefore the production is always innovatory, and the highest quality standards are always abided to.

The PP and Diederick team carries out its work with loads of passion, simply because they like their work and they dare to be different. The fact that many customers are returning customers, says enough.

About APU Events

The Amsterdam Production Unit is not simply the umpteenth production agency. When PP Everts and Diederick de Man started with the Amsterdam Production Unit, they already had many years of experience with various productions from scouting and managing of shooting locations for various films, TV series, commercials, video clips and photo shoots. They expanded their portfolio by including the organisation of various events, and in no time at all, well-known companies formed part of the clientele. Just because APU was also at home in the film world, the agency is extremely versatile.
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Hi Vibes

Ordering custumor: Hi
Client: EtceteraLive!
Brand activation with a hangout where party goers could make use of various services such as the photo booth, luxury toilets, lockers, purple lemonade and internet. The stand could amongst other be seen at Extrema Outdoor, Zwarte Cross Festival and Dancevalley